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Social Media Day Zain Style


Yesterday was the social media day i posted yesterday about it , so Zain Kuwait wanted to celebrate this day with its own style.


we had this invitation received by zain social media team , as the time and place we went there and we arrived to the event , its located in alhamra in Sky Lobby floor 55


the place is full of social media figures , it was really great , after the series of greetings and hellos from the bloggers , finally the event started with omar al-othman on stage.


On Stage Omarker was great he run the audience and stage with style , he presented one of small businesses that started her project from social media and her story with the bloggers , Fatima al-othman From F2O Designs.


After Fatima , there was another guest who is known from tv but also he is known on tv , Yaqoub Abdullah, he talked about his own experience on social media.


Now the spot lights are on the Team of zain Social media team whose their massive effort and great work did created this event and many other events , on behlaf of the team Mohammed al-Muhaini thanked the audience , the small busineses and everyone had part in creating this great event , also he talked about the social media in general where it was and where it is right now .


For every Event there must be a fun TIme and Here it Comes The guys Behind Sheno Ya3ni Youtube TEAM , had their own 30 minutes sketch live about the bloggers and how is their life , it was sooooooo Funny.


With this the Event Almost ended but it is now the time to have our dinner , the dinner this time is different , many kuwaiti small business owners who specialize in catering and food had their own projects on one table , we would love to say THANK YOU … Honestly everything was delicious..

Here are the small businesses that was in the event..


  The Pantry:

   For scrumptious cakes, freshly baked bread and more.

text 90001769 for orders


Twitter : @thepantrykw

   Vinox Chocolatier And Musterd Restaurant:

To Order Tel : 96660321

Twitter : @VinoxKw



  To Order Tel: 67667721

 Rice Pudding Factory:

 To Order Tel : 97823450



  Alfouz Kitchen:

  Tel : 99520589 – 97538145

  Kiwi Bakery:

  To Order Tel: 22665258/7

  Website :

   Gelto italiano:

   Tel : 22434434

Twitter: @GelatoItaliano_

  Brown Diamond:

 Twitter @browndiamond2


 Twitter : @Neq9a_

 Pick Yo Frozen Yogurt:

 Tel: 22913333

 Twitter : @pick_yo

Thank You Zain Kuwait

Thank You Alhamra Tower

Thank You Everyone

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  1. Jacqui says:

    Loved your post might actually steal the information about the small businesses as I didn’t take any pictures of them hehe if you don’t mind that is :D

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